Sunday, 7 December 2008

Hungarian Hangover Soup

This is a traditional soup, what we make for New Year's Eve. The good thing about this, that it really helps to heal you from hangover. One bowl of soup from this and you do not suffer the whole day. It is made since centuries at Hungary for this occasion. You can cook it when you make a big party or night out.

400 g sauerkraut, Sauer cabbage
200 g smoked trotters
200 g smoked sausage
50 g flour
1 red onion
1.5 soured cream
1-2 bay leaves
1-2 clove of garlic

Take the Sauer cabbage, the bay leaf, the trotter, the sausage into a big pot and pour two litre water on it, cook it until it is soft.
Put 2 table spoon oil into a saucepan, put the finely chopped onions and the garlic into it and fry it till it is glassy. Take off from the cooker the saucepan and wait till it is colder. Put 2 teaspoonful paprika and the flour in the saucepan. Put it back and stir it for 60 seconds.
Take out the bay leaf, the trotter and the sausage from the soup. Put the sauce from the saucepan to the soup, while stirring it continuously. It sis important to stir , so the soup will be smooth. When it is done slice the trotter and the sausage and put it back to the soup.
If you do not find sour enough add some lemon to the soup.
When it’s served add some soured cream on the top of it.